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We celebrate colour. We explore the applications of colour across all experiences. We are particularly interested in creating cross-disciplinary events which illustrate the magic of colour in all its breadth.

The Colour Collective UK (CCUK) was established in 2018 in Newcastle as an independent, non-profit organisation to form an exciting, forward-thinking group interested in the dissemination of all aspects of colour.

Originally the group began its life in 2016 as the Northern Chapter of the Colour Group, hosting a range of exciting events from Science to Art and beyond.

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Without our network of members the CCUK would not exist. No matter your background, the collective is happy to welcome you and look forward to your contribution towards the group.


Colour is at the heart of this organisation. The ability to recognise and appreciate it is something we cherish. We wish to celebrate the full spectrum of colour through our work and across all disciplines.

North East Book Event talk with Karen Haller


We have a particularly interest in creating cross-disciplinary events, illustrating the magic of colour in all its breadth. From the arts to areas of science, we explore how colour is embraced in each discipline.

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Are you interested in hosting or contributing a talk to an event? Get in touch with us at colourcollectiveuk@gmail.com

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