Colour Ink. Tattoos and Celebrity Culture

Colour Collective UK welcomed it's members and design students to 'Colour Ink' on Wednesday 27th March at the Northumbria University School of Design. 'Colour Ink' was a talk by senior lecturer in Fashion Communications, Dr Lee Barron, whose specialism in celebrity culture intersects with the modern fascination with all things tattooed! Dr Barron talked us... Continue Reading →

50 Shades of Fashion

The Colour Collective were hosted by the largest creative hub in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Ampersand Inventions, for a talk entitled "50 Shades of Fashion." Founder of vintage e-tailer and fashion communications lecturer Louisa Rogers spoke about the evolution of colour photography in fashion imagery - pinpointing the New American Color Photography movement as a... Continue Reading →

Chromatic Conversations: Science & Colour

This event celebrated current research in the field of colour perception with talks from students at Newcastle and Durham University. Becca Wedge-Roberts (Department of Psychology, Durham University) kicked off the event with a talk that asked "Do children see colour how we do?" Becca shared her PhD work with the audience, discussing how to develop... Continue Reading →

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