Colour Perceptions and Distortions


Ridley Building 2, LT 1.63
Newcastle University,
Framlington Place,


5.30-7.00pm, 14th May 2019


Join the Colour Collective UK for another great event! On the 14th of May, David Simmons and Marie Difoloco will be coming to Newcastle to talk tell us about colour perception in synaethesia, autism, and colour blindness. More information on each individual talk can be found below.

Dr David Simmons (University of Glasgow, Psychology)

Individual differences in the perception of colours: From the perspective of synaesthesia and autism

It is tempting to think that everyone experiences colours in the same way we do. Certainly there is a surprising level of agreement over the colours that most people like and dislike, although there is also evidence that this can be heavily influenced by culture and upbringing. But for synaesthetes letters, words and even voices can be coloured, whereas for some autistic individuals seeing certain colours can give rise to discomfort and pain. I shall explore the world of individual differences in colour perception using examples from my own and others’ research.

Marie Difolco (Colour Blindness Awareness Society)

The impact of colour blindness on schoolchildren

Modern teaching methods rely heavily on the use of colour to instruct, highlight and explain. They therefore rely on the ability to see colour in a normal way, but what if some of your pupils don’t? One in 12 boys and one in 200 girls are colour-vision deficient (colour blind). Statistically that is one in every co-Ed class of 30 children. So what effect can colour blindness have on a child’s education? How do you recognise it and what interventions can you adopt to support these children as they move from nursery through to senior school and beyond? The talk will address these questions and conclude that changes are urgently needed to support the significant number of children affected.

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