CANDO Talk & Print Workshop

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The CANDO Project is hosting this talk and workshop with Colour Collective UK to raise awareness around research into epilepsy treatments using neural implants to control fluctuations in activity. The event consists of a talk where the project will be explained in greater detail and is suitable for attendees of all backgrounds. We will then be participating in a printmaking workshop with INCUBATE Experimental Printmaking, details of which are TBC shortly.

The talk will be given by Prof Andrew Jackson of the Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University. Please find the abstract below.

Brain-Machine Interfaces decode electrical activity directly from the nervous system to provide a new communication channel for the brain to interact with the environment. Meanwhile, neurostimulation has been applied successfully to modulate neural activity for medical benefit. Research has increasingly focused on closed-loop interfaces which combine recording and stimulation capabilities for real-time bidirectional interaction with the nervous system. This talk will go through the development of brain machine technologies and how the future revolves around light. This will be explained through the CANDO project, a Newcastle University led project that is using optogenetics to develop a new light based therapy for focal epilepsy.

Event information:

Pilgrim Street

Wednesday 20th November

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