Fearne Cotton’s guide to colour and fashion during the quarantine

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Fearne Cotton, founder of the Happy Place podcast and Colour Ambassador of the year for Dulux has recently addressed the melancholy felt by a lot of the public due to the state of quarantine caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. Cotton highlighted that wearing bright colours in dark times can make a significant difference in our mood.

With our social life abruptly cut off, a lot of our wardrobes have seen an increase in the amount of loungewear, activewear and pyjamas – and whose to blame us! This has come with a need to feel more comfortable and safe at home in the current, uncertain climate.

When paying more consideration to the colours we dress ourselves, alongside our choice of clothing as Fearne Cotton points out, does appear to have benefits for our mental health.

The podcast host recently uploaded a selfie to Instagram, wearing a brightly coloured jumper. The caption  addressed her Celebrity Juice co-host Keith Lemon, claiming his bright and bold fashion sense inspired her to do the same and as a result lifted her mood.

The captain read: “Taking advice from @keithlemon and wearing bright colours to lift the mood at home. #StayAtHomeSeries #stayhome @oliviarubin.”

Scientists have found a connection between wearing bright colours and an increase in positive mood – this is however, dependant on the individuals association with the colours.

Executive director of the Color Association of the United States, Leslie Harrington told the Huffington Post: “When you see certain colours, they have associations to them and those associations are linked to how they make us feel and behave. Warmer colours, brighter colours, we always talk about them being happier. That’s because they make us feel happy when we look at them.”

This is also found in research conducted by Leatrice Eiseman, a colour specialist and executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, whose work found that yellow is commonly associated with the terms such as sunshine, warmth, cheer, happiness and even playfulness.

With this being said, it then makes sense to adjust our 2020 quarantine colour palettes to lighter, more uplifting shades to combat the negative effects of social distancing.

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