50 Shades of fashion: colour & the fashion image – A talk by Louisa Rogers

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The Colour Collective were hosted by the largest creative hub in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Ampersand Inventions, for a talk entitled “50 Shades of Fashion.”

Founder of vintage e-tailer Trendlistr.com and fashion communications lecturer Louisa Rogers spoke about the evolution of colour photography in fashion imagery – pinpointing the New American Color Photography movement as a pivotal moment whose influence seeped into the world of fashion.

Starting with forgotten photographic talent Marie Cosindas and her painterly still lives and atmospheric portraits, Louisa showcased photographic talent whose use of colour enriched rather than distracted from their subjects.

The talk explored the different motives of the photographers in their colour palette selection: from the process-driven, to the ideological, to the sociocultural and the subconscious. The talk served to introduce viewers to some new contemporary visual voices in the world of colour fashion imagery, and inspire them to interrogate colour as a tool for artists, rather than simply a consequence of creative output.

Louisa has now written up her talk as a blog post. Click here to see it.

Many thanks to Jonpaul and Peter of Ampersand Inventions for hosting us.

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